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ERNI Electronics has expanded its MicroStac SMT connector series, available from Erntec , to include a 0.8mm grid with 9- and 14-pin versions. With the introduction of the 9-pin design, board-to-board spacing of only 3mm is now possible.

The MicroStac components are based on a patented hermaphroditic design. The connector and the counter connecter are identical, whereas the otherwise typical subdivision of male and female multipoint connectors has been omitted.

The combination of the subminiature construction and the special design means that these connectors are predestined for compact but nevertheless demanding applications.

Furthermore, this range of applications is correspondingly broad from sensor technology, medical instruments and mobile communication to automotive electronics, automation engineering, measurement technology, test equipment and building automation.

The special design and the SMT construction allow for economical and automatic assembly. The stability of the miniature components is supported by means of a tilt-proof contact principle with dual side positioning of the contact on the PCB.

And with the corresponding features of minimal weight (just 0.18g for the 6-pin design), co-planarity of < 0.1mm and suction areas integrated in the insulating body for the vacuum pipettes of the pick-and-place robots, the assembly can be performed through high-speed automation.

In spite of the compact construction, the MicroStac products can achieve a high current-carrying capacity and the contact principle enables the punching of thick paneling without the bending process.

As a result large cross-sections (low ohmic resistance) and radiating surface are possible and both enable lower self-heating. With an ambient temperature of 20°C and current feed to all contacts, the 1.6A (50-pin version, in acc. with IEC 60512, test 5b) can be processed safely and reliably.

Within the MicroStac family, versions are available with 6, 9, 12, 14 (all single-row) and 50 pins (two-row). They are designed for board-to-board spacing ranging from 3.0mm to 5mm.

These subminiature connectors have a high snapping tolerance. The permissible center offset, when connected, is +/- 0.7mm in the longitudinal direction and the permissible angular offset is +/- 4 degrees.

As with all fine-pitch connectors that are typically produced in large quantities, the fully automatic assembly and processing are important characteristics.

MicroStac connectors feature a high temperature-resistant insulating body (PA46) and the exact co-planarity of the contacts, for example, ensures a secure soldering with all established SMT soldering processes.

The black isolating body allows simple visual recognition during automatic assembly and in the antistatic packaging, the precise contacts are protected and the connectors can be automatically loaded.

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