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MicroSpeed Power Module Connectors available from Erntec

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The MicroSpeed Power Module Connectors, available from Erntec , with 2.0mm contact pitch fulfils the need for miniaturised and high reliability power systems and offers a large number of options for mezzanine applications.

One of its unique features is its high current-carrying capacity in comparison to its small size.

Therefore, the system is suitable for use with small, high performance devices such as CPUs, drives, LCD panels, etc.

Providing a variety of height versions of the male and female connectors, the MicroSpeed Power Module Connectors enable stacking heights from 5mm to 20mm. Subsequently, almost every need for different PCB arrangements can be addressed.

Another major advantage is the multiple-connector mating capability, which allows the mating of more than one connector pair at the same time.

The SMT connectors meet all the needs of fast automatic assembly machines. They are manufactured and 100% inline quality checked by machine to ensure high coplanarity and optimised soldering.

The layout is designed with an optimal solder pad size to guarantee high retention forces. The integrated 3-point double beam female contact ensures durable low-contact resistance over the whole lifecycle.

The contacts are post plated, leaving no bare edges in the contact and solder areas.

The MicroSpeed Power Module Connectors are equipped with polarised positioning pegs and the connector plating is lead free, complying with the European RoHS directive. The MicroSpeed Power Module Connectors are specified for a temperature range of -55°C to +125°C.

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