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Mentor’s LED testers available from Erntec

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Mentor’s new LED tester, available from Erntec , provides fast, easy and reliable testing of SMD and THT LEDs. The device is useful for checking individual LEDs with varying specs and for comparative measuring of different product lines.

The LED tester offers a variety of pre-selectable settings for various LED types. The 10-notch turn switch is used to set the device to the requirements of the LEDs to be tested. The current can be set between 1 and 100 mA.

The LED tester detects the polarity of the LEDs automatically. To check additional colours (e.g. Duo LEDs) users need to lift for a second and replace.

The second colour will be displayed. For functional testing of similar LEDs, there is a cascade connection between the sockets in the top of the housing. Specially-made LEDs can be tested with a test connector.

The LED tester is useful for checking characteristics such as colour, angle and intensity of the light. It can be operated with a power adapter or batteries, which provide flexibility and mobility. There is a 'low' warning for operation with batteries.

The test field cover is made of crystal-clear, light-guide material and doubles as a tool to press down small-sized LEDs. Customers may order different transparent colours and individual inscriptions or markings on the housing.

The LED tester allows users to evaluate desired problem solutions in advance in due consideration of the characteristics of the LEDs and various light guides.

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