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Mentor’s Dynasim keyboard available from Erntec

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Mentor’s new Dynasim keyboard is flexibly designed, resistant to environmental influences and available with an adjustable operating force. Dynasim is the new version of the familiar low-profile keyboard with high end features. The new Dynasim keyboard is available from Erntec .

Piezo keyboards do not have any moveable keys or contacts. When pressure is exerted on the keyboard's cover plate, Piezo crystals give off a charge or voltage in proportion to the operating force.

An interface assumes control of a next-in-line application by transforming the signal impulses.

Depending on the overlay material selected, the force at which a key is to be switched can be set between 0.5 and 100N, according to requirements.

The higher, the electrical switching threshold is set, the greater the pressure force required to trigger a switching process. Since operation causes no deformation of the cover plate, it is impossible for material fatigue to result in a membrane fracture.

The advantages offered by the Dynamism keyboard become apparent wherever work is carried out in a stressful environment, for example, in situations affected by factors such as chemical and weather resistance, contamination, vandalism or short-term heat.

The Dynamism keyboard can be used in applications that include self-service vending machines, washing machines, lifts, aeronautical applications, industrial equipment or operating panels designed for industrial electronic applications.

There is a range of overlay materials, which can be used for the standard keyboards, including polycarbonates, aluminium or other customer-specific options.

The operating interfaces are flat and have no recesses or grooves in which dirt particles could collect. Piezo keyboards meet the strict hygienic requirements of both the food industry and the medical sector.

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