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FAULHABER Group’s miniature drive systems available from Erntec

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FAULHABER Group, represented by Erntec in Australia, offer power-efficient series of miniature drive systems.

Brushless DC-Servomotors:
With over 200 watts output, these brushless DC-Servomotors, Series 4490 ... B, are prime-movers considering their relatively small size of 44 mm diameter and 90 mm length. This is made possible by combining a skew-wound ironless rotor coil (System FAULHABER) with Neodymium magnet (NdFeB).

The very thin laminations of the laminated stack reduce the losses caused by the eddy currents within the stator to a minimum. These are genuine "FAULHABER" drive systems, providing maximum power and response notwithstanding the small volume.

With the brushless commutation, these motors have a long useful life. Three Hall sensors detect the position of the rotor by evaluating its magnetic field, which, with their output signals, constitute the basis for the external drive and control.

Precision gearheads:
A new Planetary gearhead has been developed to combine with the motor. The Series 44/1 is of all-steel construction, making the gearhead particularly stable and robust. The shaft size is a generous 10 mm. The gearhead transmits 16 Nm with ease, and even up to 20 Nm while in intermitted operation.

The optical encoder, Series 40B with protection classification IP 54, can be mounted to the motor and the overall length extends only 4,3 mm. As a result, they open up entirely new possibilities in applications imposing particularly stringent standards on the positioning, measurement and control accuracy of speed.

Drive electronics:
FAULHABER Group also supply a wide range of Servo Amplifiers and offer drive solutions for many different requirements, e.g. continuous operation, speed and position control, various velocity profiles operation, reversing mode, start/stop and stand-alone positioning modes.

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