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Now available from ERNTEC, Faulhaber servo amplifiers and full motion controllers are optimised for each type of drive system, from DC motors to brushless DC to micro systems.

Faulhaber motion controllers and amplifiers offer a broad range of controlling options for torque, speed, and position.

Drive Electronics for DC Motors
Faulhaber linear controllers and motion controllers are optimised to drive their DC Motors with precious metal or copper graphite commutation systems.
  • Speed control, torque and position control
  • Parameter configuration for other applications
  • Example: DC Motor Motion Control MCDC 3003/3006S
  • 4 Quadrant PWM with RS232 interface
  • With IE2-512 encoders can achieve a positioning resolution of 0.18°
  • Special ballast circuit protects electronics from over voltage during braking in generator mode
Drive Electronics for Brushless DC Servomotors
Full motion controllers and servo amplifiers optimised for use with Faulhaber 3 phase BLDC Servomotors. Features include:
  • Speed, torque and position control
  • Parameter configuration for other applications
  • Example: DC Motor Motion Control MCBL 3003/3006S
  • 4 Quadrant PWM with RS232 interfaces
  • With linear hall sensors ultra low speeds and high positioning resolutions (1/3000 revolutions) can be achieved without the need for an additional encoder
Drive Electronics for Miniature Stepper Motors    
  • Speed and torque control of miniature 2 phase stepper motors allowing for l
  • Voltage and current mode drivers are available
Drive Electronics for Micro Drives
  • For Micro brushless DC motors and Brushless gear motors
  • Super compact Synchronous Drive Servo Amplifier measuring 10.2mm x 10.2mm x 3mm
  • Will operate in 2 or 4 quadrant mode allowing for precise velocity and torque control
Faulhaber Custom Solutions
Faulhaber customised drive systems can be tailor made designed for specific applications, through to a system partnership involving jointly coordinated development, design and automated production of complete a mechatronic system.

Faulhaber provides modular, high efficiency solutions for all aspects of miniature drive control. From integrated motor controller drive systems to separate drive and servo motor controllers Faulhaber has a solution. For programming a Free ASCII command based interface, Motion Manager is available for download. ERNTEC Pty Ltd information and contact details

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13/01/10 - These durable flat DC micromotors are an ideal choice for portable devices or continuous duty operations like pumps and fans.
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12/01/10 - The brushless 4 Pole DC servomotors of the renowned BX4 Series from FAULHABER are supplemented by motors with a diameter of 32mm.
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04/08/09 - The Brushless DC Motor with integrated Encoder and Servo Controller features precision run with low speeds.
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07/05/09 - IE3-256 (L) series incremental encoders, available from ERNTEC, feature robust housings and a compact 22 x 18mm format. These are designed to combine with motors from the CR and CXR series and controllers of the SC 2804 or MCDC 30xx series. The IE3-256 (L) series incremental encoders are available as standard in four factory-preset resolutions of 32, 64, 128 or 256 pulses.
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