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Dc-micromotor and planetary gearhead

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MINIMOTOR, represented by Erni Australia , has developed a new subminiature line of dc-micromotors and planetary gearheads which further extends its range of high quality, precision miniature drive systems.

The ironless dc-micromotor, Type 0615-S measures only 6mm in diameter and 15mm in length, and weighs only two grams.

The micromotors are available in nominal voltages of 1.5, 3 and 4.5V dc, with no-load speeds of 19,900rpm, stall torque of 0.23mNm and output power of 0.12W.

Designed with neodym magnets (NdFeB) and coreless rotors with the self-supporting patented skew-winding (System Faulhaber), the motors have a typical inertia of 0.03gcm2 and a mechanical time constant of less than 27ms. The operating temperature range is -30° to +85°C.

The matching in-line planetary gearheads, Type 06/1, with corresponding diameter of only 6mm, features precision machined gears and housings in all metal design for operating temperatures up to +100°C, available in ratios of 4:1 up to 4096:1.

The maximum output torque in continuous operation is 25mNm and in intermitted 35mNm.

This tiny power pack opens up new possibilities of integration into applications where space is very limited, covering fields of medical and optical equipment, security and inspection systems, micro positioning systems, telecommunication and a lot of other small size applications.

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