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DC-Micromotors and Gearheads available from Erntec

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With a diameter of only 26mm, a new family of precision miniature DC-Micromotors and Gearheads, which offer a compact high-performance drive package, is available from Erntec .

The new and powerful DC-Micromotors, with a diameter of 26mm and a length of 42 or 57mm, complete the proven range of motors with graphite commutation. With an output power of 44 Watt and a torque up to 44mNm, these drives are powerful due to the high power to volume ratio. The skew-wound ironless rotor coil, System Faulhaber, and the magnet in neodymium (NdFeB) provide to the motor an excellent dynamic and a high efficiency.

The Planetary Gearhead 26/1 has a metal construction with 11 different reduction ratios from 371:1 to 1526:1. The bearings on the output shaft are preloaded and the shaft diameter measures 5mm. This Gearhead is given with an output torque of 3,5Nm in continuous operation and 4,5Nm in intermittent operation.

Besides the motor that is available in different variation of tension, the series can be assembled to other Faulhaber servo components including encoders and drive electronics, with different possibilities of combination for various application requirements.

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