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With a diameter of only 12mm, a whole new family of precision miniature in-line DC-Micromotors, Encoders and Gearheads, available from Erntec , offers a compact high-performance drive package for today's demanding market.

The new coreless DC-Micromotor type 1224, available for 6, 12 and 15 Volt, has the ideal power to volume ratio. The ironless skew-wound rotor with the patented System Faulhaber technology features low inertia for fast acceleration and high efficiency. The motor delivers up to 1.3 W, 13'900 rpm and stall torque of 3.7 mNm.

Precision Gearhead
A choice of two new all-metal gearheads offers an impressive variety of combination options. Type 12/4 provides true planetary gearing in a compact design with torque and load carrying capacity of up to 450 mNm.

The zero backlash spur gearhead type 12/5 with preloaded gears offers precision backlash-free output shaft movement with up to 100 mNm torque.Reduction ratios from 4:1 to 2'050:1 provide the flexibility for applications which require a large speed range.

The robust, reliable in-line magnetic Encoder type 30B uses solid state Hall sensor technology for velocity and position control of the DC-Micromotor. It features 2 channel TTL level output with 10 lines at a frequency range of up to 7.2 kHz.

This miniature drive is an innovative solution for motion control in such fields as precision instrumentation, medical equipment, security devices, automation, robotics and aerospace.

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