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4490 BS series DC-servomotors available from Erntec

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article image 4490 BS series and 4490 B series of DC-servomotors
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The 4490 BS series DC-servomotors are available from Erntec . Externally there is no difference between the ‘B’ series motors and the new ‘BS’ series.

The dimensions remain unchanged: 44mm diameter x 90mm. The combination of skew-wound (System FAULHABER) and high-performance neodymium magnet (NdFeB) is also maintained. The crucial detail lies in the way the three-part windings of the coil are wired.

In the 4490 B series, the windings are delta-connected. The delta-connection results in higher motor currents together with lower voltages. These brushless DC-servomotors are suitable for high-speed applications.

The prominent feature of the new 4490 BS series, available from Erntec, is its high torque. The part windings are star-connected. The motor currents are therefore lower, while the voltage is higher.

Higher torque is achieved by combining with a 44/1 series planetary gearhead: 16 Nm for continuous operation and 20 Nm for intermittent operation.

The optical encoder, series 40B with protection classification, IP 54, can be mounted to the motor and the overall length extends only 4,3 mm. As a result, they open up new possibilities in applications imposing stringent standards on the positioning, measurement and control accuracy of speed.

The FAULHABER Group offer various motion control possibilities for this drive unit, suitable for a range of requirements, such as performing a variety of speed profiles, reverse operation, start/stop and stand-alone positioning modes.

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