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Data loggers and interfaces from EQAMS

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EQAMS  offers engineering, quality and management services and is a specialist in miniature data loggers, solid state relays, AIC liquid and ORP analyzers, digital panel meters and signal converters, controlled atmosphere systems, electrical design services, system integration services, hazardous area design services and gas flow metering services.

EQAMS offers flexible and low cost solutions for simple remote controlling and monitoring. EQAMS uses short message service, interface, cellular phone technology and off the shelf output/input modules to deliver the solutions to the clients.

EQAMS provides monitoring services including control of pressure, temperature and flow service as well as monitoring fans, lights, doors, pumps and generators. EQAMS provides portable data loggers that aid in recording voltage, current, vibration, shock and various other model. These data loggers are easy to use and are also available with external and internal sensor.

The Multi Trode systems have safe sensing voltage that ensures safety of maintenance personnel and operator. The sensitive and activation delay system helps the relay to operate in conductive liquids. The system also has LED indication units, dipswitch programmable and two sensor operations.

EQAMS also supplies interfaces, controllers, brain boards, racks and input-output modules.

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