ENLAKE has the widest range of Vaccine Fridges, Pharmacy Fridges, laboratory refrigerators and lab freezers. ENLAKE has vaccine storage related items including data loggers, min/max thermometers and vaccine cold boxes.

ENLAKE specialises in laboratory refrigeration and has a wide range of laboratory refrigerators and laboratory freezers and custom make cabinets to meet specific requirements.


Supplier news
10/02/11 - The small-sized ENLAKEThermochron iButton data loggers have all the features of larger dataloggers and an expected life time of up to 8 years.
Supplier news
19/01/11 - ENLAKE is proud to announce its comprehensive range of laboratory freezers now available.
Supplier news
18/01/11 - ENLAKE is proud to announce the release of a comprehensive range of laboratory refrigerators.
Supplier news
02/02/10 - Vaccine fridges and pharmacy fridges from ENLAKE are ideal for the safe storage of vaccines and have the Pharmacy Guild of Australia approval.

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