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Eliminate drive maintenance costs

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ELECTRIC Motor and Transmission (EMT) has provided a complete ac extruder drive system to Insulation Solutions, a manufacturer of foil insulation products to the building industry.

The aim of the project was to retrofit the existing dc drive system within Insulation Solution's shutdown maintenance period of seven days, and to minimise the impact on production.

In certain applications, Insulation Solutions existing extruder dc drive was susceptible to "tripping" due to high current overload current.

Insulation Solution's engineering manager John Gregory said the maintenance cost was becoming prohibitive due to lost production time on a monthly basis. Additionally, delays in shipping and logistics were of concern due to machine downtime.

The ac drive system EMT provided comprised of:

* ABB 160kW variable speed drive Type ACS607-0210-3.

* ABB 160kW ac motor frame M2BA315SMC4.

* All necessary cabling.

* Installation and commissioning.

"Since the system was installed, some eight months ago, we have not had a single breakdown or a maintenance cost to date," Mr Gregory said.

"Interestingly, apart from the obvious benefits, the system requires lower power consumption which, in turn, equates to further savings on running costs."

ABB is a leader in the ac variable speed drive technology and is used exclusively by EMT in the retrofitting of extruder control applications.

EMT supplied an ABB ac system, which utilises Direct Torque Control technology that provides full motor torque from zero rpm to well beyond the extruder's full load speed.

EMT project manager Warren Reid said EMT could offer the most economical solution to suit all maintenance budgets.

"We have the expertise to provide the equipment, installation and commissioning service for any extruder application. In most cases a full retrofit can be completed within just a couple of days - guaranteed."

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