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Plastic materials from EGR Industrial

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EGR Industrial  is one of the divisions of a company which manufacturers plastic materials and products. EGR offers plastic materials and for over 40 countries world wide. It supports a diverse range of industries including Automotive, Marine, Retail, freight, logistics, utility, sanitation, food, safety, mining, environmental Transport and Manufacturing. EGR has been accredited under the QS9000/ISO9001 system and has follows world’s best practice throughout its operations.

EGR Industrial offers some of the plastic materials and products including pallets, chemical tanks, bins, trolleys, roll cages, dunnage trays, bio diesel tanks and bins. EGR Industrial uses various processes including Injection Moulding, Extrusion, Thermoforming, and Rotational Moulding. Blow moulding products from EGR Industrial include rear deck spoiler, bumper extenders and running boards. EGR Industrial uses the latest technology for producing rigid plastic sheeting. The rotational moulding products from EGR Industrial include Pallets, Light Boxes, Storage boxes, Promotional signage, Point of Sales Display units, Rainwater tanks and Portable toilets. The injection moulding products from Portable toilets include Side Rockers, Grills, Fender Flares, Mud Flaps and Inserts.

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