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Packing equipment from EFCA

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EFCA  is a company which specialises in offering process and packaging solutions. EFCA manufactures food processing and packaging equipment. EFCA offers process and packaging solutions for bakery, confectionery, dairy, freezing & chilling, pasta, ready meals, salads and soups, snacks, vegetables, oxygen absorbers and EFCA chocolates sprat gun.

EFCA also manufactures made to order process and packing equipment for special applications. EFCA offers Australian-made spinners & depositors for hollow chocolate products, jacketed pipe work and chocolate tanks. Specialised second-hand processing and packing equipment is also being offered by EFCA.

EFCA offers EFCA chocolate spray gun & dipper which helps in the automation of chocolate pan coating. All the parts of this equipment are made of stainless steel. These spray guns can be converted to a dipper with the addition of dipper manifold and with quick disconnect filling.
Some of the process and packing equipment offered by EFCA include oxygen absorbing sachets and oxygen scavengers. EFCA also offers Cup/tub filling & sealing equipment, CIP systems, Tray loading systems for crackers, biscuits and cakes, Chocolate block wrapping machines for single block & multi packs, Licorice/liquorice systems including continuous & batch cooking, Multi-flavour & colour extrusion and Caramel cooking lines

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