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Electronic software and hardware solutions from EDR Electronics

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EDR Electronics  provides solutions in electronic software and hardware from concept to manufacturing. Some of the designs from EDR Electronics include instrumental and medical device design, Embedded System Software for custom Electronic Design microprocessor, micro controller, DSP - hardware and software Electronic Design, control systems, information Kiosks, touch Screens, low-power and low-voltage electronic design and schematic capture and PCB layout.

EDR Electronics also offers graphic design, prototyping, documentation, components sourcing, assembly, database design, mechanical design, embedded software and electronic design.

Products from EDR Electronics are available for analyzing, recording, protecting, controlling, displaying and transducing. The products include inductive sensors, LVDT sensors, current transformer, transductors and convertors, digital and analog panel meters, power analysis, energy management devices, graphic recorders, power quality analyzers, measuring relays, industrial relays, fault signaling and meteorological measurement.

Calibration equipments are also available from EDR Electronics. These include probes, pyro controls, digital panel meters, temperature controllers, 2 -4 wire transmitters and head mount transducers.

IZYCAL – 100, loop calibrator and calibrator mA Volt are the latest products released by EDR Electronics. Some of the features include two current and four voltage ranges, five pre defined functions, fast charger, RS232 option cable.

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