EDR Electronics

EDR Electronics provide electronic design from concept to manufacture. Products include schematic capture and printed circuit boards, single side to multilayer, flex PCB, SMD, embedded software and custom windows applications as well as Ctick and CE compliance solutions. EDR Electronics offer fast turnaround from design to prototype.


Supplier news
26/12/07 - EDR Electronics provides solutions in electronic software and hardware from concept to manufacturing.
Supplier news
19/11/07 - EDR Electronics provides solutions for the development of electronics hardware and software from concept to manufacturing.
Supplier news
10/02/05 - EDR Electronics has released the IZYCAL-100. This new Australian designed and manufactured industrial loop calibrator is extremely user friendly.

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EDR Electronics (Head office) Update these details
Unit 27
12 Cecil Rd
NSW 2077
Tel: 02 9482 3565
Fax: 02 9482 4325

EDR Electronics Brands

Chauvin-Arnoux / Enerdis Chauvin-Arnoux / Pyro-Control EDR Electronics Pty Ltd

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