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Tyre changing press machines from EDMO Equipment

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EDMO Equipment  is an equipment company which offers tyre press and hydraulic jacks. EDMO Equipment offers a wide range of tyre changing press machines. The tyre changing press machines from EDMO Equipment offers fastest and safest method of mounting and demounting large tyres which are fitted to mining and earth moving machines. These tyre changing machines require only one operator and it is a fully self contained press which demounts tyres from rims quickly and safely.

The tyre changing press machine from EDMO Equipment is offered with tyre carriers which swings out hydraulically and helps in placing the tyres and rims in the carrier. The control lever then mounts and demounts the tyres and rims. The demounting and mounting process offered by EDMO Equipment does not require bead breakers, jacks, sledgehammers, blow torches and crowbars.

EDMO Equipment offers different models of tyre changing press machines including DM300, DM250, DM100 and DM175. EDMO Equipment offers EDMO rim and component hoist which helps in facilitating the handling of rims and components for the EDMO tyre press. The tyre changing pres machines are offered with tyre lifting equipment.

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