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Hydraulic jacks from EDMO Equipment

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EDMO Equipment  is a company which specialises in offering tyre press machines and hydraulic jacks and wheel trolleys. The hydraulic jacks produced by EDMO Equipment comply with AS/NZ2693. EDMO Equipment offers hydraulic jacks which is a heavy duty safe jacking device. The hydraulic jacks serve earthmovers vehicles, loaders and dozer which requires heavy duty safe jacking device.

EDMO Equipment offers LIFTnLOCK which is combined with hydraulic jack and stand. In order to prevent accidents, EDMO Equipment offers mechanical looking arrangement which helps in holding the jacks to the desired height.

EDMO Equipment offers a wide range of jack models including EDMO DM5, EDMO DM7, EDMO DM10, EDMO DM15 and EDMO DMA200. EDMO Equipment also offers telescopic jack stand models including EDMO LPD T55/25, EDMO MPD T100/50, EDMO TPD T150/75 and EDMO PD T200/100. EDMO Equipment offers LIFTnLOCK standard models including EDMO LL10 and EDMO LL5.

EDMO Equipment also offers EDMO wheel trolley which helps in removing and replacing wheels from vehicles including low loaders. EDMO Equipment offers Edmotivator which helps in moving large jacks around the work floor.

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