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Oscillating guillotine for auto industry

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article image Materials savings of up to 30%.

EDAG Australia has released an oscillating guillotine designed to allow the efficient use of material in automotive steel pressings.

The use of an oscillating guillotine in preparation of blanks enables material savings of up to 30% compared to conventional static blades. The system is independent from the press control system. Signals from mechanical cams fitted to the press bolster are analysed by the guillotine’s control system, ensuring synchronisation of the oscillation in feed, cut and out feed. The standalone control cabinet is fitted with a Siemens TP170B touch screen operating panel.

As the guillotine has only a simple mechanical interface with the press it can be easily transferred to other presses in the shop, allowing flexibility in its integration with other lines. Control of the guillotine is delivered by a water-cooled servo drive system, providing stable cutting speed independent of the operating environment.

The guillotine can be fitted with straight, curved or shaped blades. Tool changes can be carried out with minimal interruption of production. The entire unit is mounted on a modular tool base and can be handled by standard tool management systems.

Current designs have been developed to cater for cut widths from 220mm to 2100mm, material thickness up to 4.5mm and cut angles up to ±30º. Repeatability can be achieved to ±0.05º, making it suitable for high-precision blanking, with operating speeds of up to 80 strokes a minute. These specifications can be customised to any application.

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