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Handling equipment from ED Parsons Eng

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ED Parsons Eng  is a company which engages itself in manufacturing packaging equipments and machineries for fruit and vegetable sectors. ED Parsons Eng offers conveyance bagging machineries, poly bagging machineries, net bagging machineries, flow wrapping machineries, bin handling machineries and cartoon & crate filling machineries.

Conveyancy bagging equipment supplied by ED Parsons Eng include mini bagger, electro bagger, dual one tonne bag filler and one tonne bag filler. Polybagging equipment from ED Parsons Eng includes 1.6 kg polybagger and 10kg polybagger. Net bagging equipment from ED Parsons Eng includes GH20, Xarpa 31, CB48 AND Xarpa 31 evolutions. ED Parsons Eng offers horizontal flow wrap machines including RGD mape VR-1, RGP mape VR-7 and RGD mape VR-8 master.

ED Parsons Eng offers bin handling equipment including bin tippers, bin fillers and bin washers. ED Parsons Eng offers weighing equipment including electro baggers, bag check weigher and mini baggers. Grading equipment from ED Parsons Eng include onion grader and potato grader. ED Parsons Eng offers clipping wires, flow wrap films, wine glass labels, aqro resin tyres, knitted nettings, extruded flat nets and packaging films for consumables. Hardware line packing equipment from ED Parsons Eng includes batch counting, mape VR 1 Bis and polybagger.

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