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Upgrade adds features to ERP software

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article image New features in Version 2.6 include the ability to drill down from a report preview, and graphical management tools.

THE M1 ERP software package, developed by Bowen & Groves for the manufacturing industry, now has more than 200 users in manufacturing industry in Australia and the USA.

The latest M1 upgrade - Version 2.6 - adds a host of new features, particularly the provision of increased management information enabling the sales and marketing function to complement the achievements of manufacturing industry.

One of the features of Version 2.6 is the ability to drill down from within a report preview.

Geoff Groves, managing director of Bowen & Groves, says "to our knowledge M1 is the only ERP software available today with the ability to drill down from within a crystal report."

"From a productivity standpoint this has the potential to save an enormous amount of time when a user requires more information on what a report is showing.

"Questions like - where did that amount come from - why are the hours so high on this job for instance, will no longer require lengthy investigation.

"Just by clicking on the part of the report in question, the relevant details are shown immediately," he added.

More than 24 key productivity features are included in Version 2.6.

These include multiple contact and call management, business and shop floor messaging, part cross referencing and pricing, customer credit limit management, activity calendars both to cash flow and order backlogs, aging information, price and availability, shipment tracking, multiple company datasets in search grids and search grid filters using multiple fields.

"In fact, M1 Version 2.6 brings all the information functions typically demanded by a service industry within the capacity of a manufacturing business," Geoff Groves said.

M1 has won a significant niche amongst Australian and especially US based manufacturing companies, both in traditional and high tech industry sectors.

Already the number of M1 sites installed in the USA exceeds the number in Australia's manufacturing sector and continues to offer a high rate of customer acceptance.

M1 is an ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planning) software package with a host of features including multiple modules specifically for small to medium scale manufacturing businesses.

"M1 also offers the flexibility to accommodate the growth objectives and increased management information needs of growing businesses in the manufacturing sector," Geoff Groves said.

Bowen & Groves offers support and service particularly through its BGSupportNet.

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