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Shop floor entry (data collection) module

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M1's Shop Floor Entry (Data Collection) module, available from ECi Solutions  will bring a company a high return for its investment. With less input required than a manual system, it will provide accurate job costing, real time prioritizing, real time job status and collection of payroll hours.The interface has been designed to be very simple and fast. The information is clear and precise, so an employee can perform their duties in a very efficient manner.

As an employee starts their next job they simply enter or scan the job traveller or select the next job for the real time priority queue.When a customer calls, the real time information is at your finger tips. No longer do clients have to be placed  on hold or call them back after you go out to the shop floor to locate the parts in question.

Time is a commodity that is always in short supply, M1's Shop Floor Entry will allow you to do much more in less time and provide a better service to your customers.

Hardware Options:

PC Based where you can use the following input devices:     

  • 1. Mouse/Keyboard.     
  • 2. Bar Code scanner.     
  • 3. Light-pen.     
  • 4. Touch screen.
  • Symbol PPT8800 Series PDA

Job Instructions
Job instructions can be viewed for the operation, entire job and assembly.Job InformationWhen an employee selects a job, information such as setup and quantity that remains is immediately visible.

Job Documentation
Shop Floor Entry is integrated with Document Management, thus allowing all documentation to be viewed with the PC Based system.

Shop Floor Feedback

Employees can enter comments or provide feedback. Scrap/reject and rework codes provide vital information to management.

For Mobile Staff

Shop Floor Entry also runs on a Symbol PPT8800 series PDA for staff that are on the move.


See Who's Not Clocked
InThe M1 Start Page provides the search to simply see who's not clocked in.

Timecard Audit

This report provides important information of employee start/finish time, time booked to jobs and time booked to indirect labor.

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