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M1 Scheduling module from Bowen and Groves  is designed to provide manufacturers with pertinent information to enable improved delivery performance.Backwards and Forwards scheduling of individual or multiple jobs provides better control over your shop floor. Extensive screen enquires and reports allow the user to better manage bottleneck work centers. View the jobs scheduled in a work centre or a department.


  • Shop Load Explorer - View available capacity to overload situations for each work center or department. Clearly identified overloads and non-working days; drill down to scheduled jobs; user-defined buckets all make for a very effective scheduling tool.
  • Scheduling - Jobs may be individually scheduled from within the job entry screen, or alternatively, schedule multiple jobs at one time from the scheduling module. Rescheduling multiple jobs is made easy through a single screen.
  • Work Centers - Define the characteristics of a work center by its crew size, number of machines, daily capacity and individual work center calendars. Each work center also has its own queue and move times as well as costing information.
  • Scenarios (What-if) - An unlimited number of scenarios can be created so any number of what-if cases can be examined. Once the best case scenario is found, it can be simply saved as the master schedule.
  •  Work Center Load Levelling - Once an overload situation has been identified, it is simply a matter of selecting the relevant jobs or even the entire work center and allowing M1 to automatically use finite scheduling to level the load.
  • Planned Material Requirements - Job operations are integrated with material requirements to provide a detailed Planned Material Requirements report.
  • Production Calender - M1 Scheduling uses your Production Calender to accurately forecast the duration of your jobs. Identify all non-working days for the shop floor to improve scheduling management.
  • Shop Floor Data Collection - All changes made to the schedule are immediately reflected in the Shop Floor Data Collection module. This ensures shop employees have current data available when they need it.

Scheduling Module reports:

  • Work Center Efficiency Report - The efficiency report allows the user to view production efficiency by work center
  • Work Center Priority List -  The work center priority list is updated from the schedule, displays the jobs to be worked on in order of priority and bar codes may be included for these operations.

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