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Point of sale systems just another function of ECi Solutions' M1 manufacturing ERP software

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article image The Manufacturing Point of Sale system is an application of M1 manufacturing ERP software

M1 manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, available from ECi Solutions , now offer manufacturers the ability to sell their stocked spare parts in an over the counter environment, using point of sale software to speed up the sales process.

The M1 application, Manufacturing Point of Sale, was designed for manufacturers who sell over the counter, or those who process spare parts orders, and need a system that combines all facets of the sale process into one simple interface.

This manufacturing point of sale software features one simple entry screen that allows users to input data from a mouse, keyboard, or bar code scanner. All the information required, including part revision details, warehouse and bin location is all displayed on the screen. The system will even pull the price through from a price table.

When it comes to making the transaction, Manufacturing Point of Sale allows users to create cash, check, credit card or even charge account transactions, and it even offers the option to multiple types of payments in the one transaction. When cash is tendered the cash change calculator will advise the user of the required change.

M1 manufacturing point of sale systems also provide the option to print, fax or email an order acknowledgement, packing slip and invoice at the click of a mouse button. The reconciliation function also allows users to reconcile credit card receipts, cash received, and cheques in hand at the end of the day.

ECi Solutions recognise that security is of vital importance when selling expensive parts. To this end, M1 manufacturing point of sale systems gives each user a unique login code so there is a complete audit trail of point of sale activity. Employee maintenance funtions allow manufacturers to determine whether an employee can input pricing or pricing is determined by your customer price table information.

Manufacturing Point of Sale is fully integrated within he M1 manufacturing ERP system so all transactions will appear when the business analysis tools are used within order, shipping, accounts receivable and accounts payable modules.

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