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M1 provides a total solution to contact management requirements

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M1 Contact Management organises customer and supplier details, including locations, contacts, tasks, appointments and memos. Use M1's mail merge utility to improve communications with contacts.


Document specific contact details for all customers and suppliers, including email and internet addresses. An organization can be a customer as well as a supplier. Record all default settings here to improve data entry efficiency throughout M1 Contact Management. Up-to-date aging information may be viewed on a number of screens in M1 Contact Management.

Locations & Contacts

Each organization may have multiple related locations and contacts. Locations are used for quoting and shipping. Each contact contains individual details. Create contact groups to improve marketing opportunities.

Follow Ups

Create tasks and appointments by contact and assign to the most appropriate user. Control the progress, status and priority for each follow up. Access to all follow ups are available on the Start Page.

Organization Explorer

Use the Explorer to access all records and transactions relating to an Organization. Numerous searches provide immediate information in grid format. Open the source documents directly from the grid.

Price and Availability

View by customer, the quantity on hand, quantity in production and quantity on order for a selected part. This utility will also advise of the price options available for that customer, and from the same screen, create a quote or an order.

Finance Companies & Resellers

M1 gives users the ability to link finance companies and/or resellers to a customer and the ability to link finance companies and resellers to multiple customers.

Integration with IP Phones

M1 Contact Management integrates with a company's TAPI compliant IP Phone System. One click and the user can dial from within M1 and when users receive a call if the callers number is within M1 Contact Management, Phone Manager will automatically take the user to the contact listing.

Mail Merge

By using the Mail Merge facility, users are able to merge M1 Contact Management fields into any mail merge document. Send off documents to multiple contacts at once, they can even include attachments. This facility can be used from within any module. Increase marketing power by combining this facility with the contact groups to quickly and easily transmit advertising material.

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