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M1 Purchasing Management can reduce inventory, boost cash flow and improve on-time deliveries

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M1 Purchasing Management provides the tools to raise purchase orders and track the user’s suppliers' performance. Purchase materials directly to a job or to stock; create manual purchase orders for sundry items and services. The Planned Materials Requirement Report provides critical information to improve the user’s purchasing decisions. Link external documents to the user’s purchase orders through Document Management  

Rapid Master File Entry

Create master files on the fly. Access to all master files relating to purchasing during purchase order entry allows the user to add new files without exiting the current function. Short-cuts to these files saves the user valuable time during data entry.  

Purchasing Wizard

The wizard will generate purchasing suggestions based on the filters the user selects. Filter by supplier, part, job, date or inventory class. Select the items or services that require purchasing and M1 will create the purchase orders automatically for the user.  

Raw Material Purchases

Purchase raw materials directly to the job. By-pass inventory altogether.  

Subcontracting Purchases

Raise purchase orders for subcontract operations in a job. Ensure outside operations are ordered on time. Track these operations quickly and easily.  

Miscellaneous Purchases

Create manual purchase orders for miscellaneous items such as office supplies and services. Cost them directly to the correct general ledger accounts.  

Unplanned Purchases

Create additional purchase orders for unplanned materials on a job. Avoid unnecessary interruptions to job planning, by adding unplanned purchases directly to the job.  


Backorders are automatically created for partially received purchase order lines. Track all outstanding orders, including backorders, with the Open PO report.  

Receipt Management

Receipt Management allows the user to better manage PO receipts particularly for partial deliveries or multiple deliveries. Individual deliveries can have information such as the supplier's delivery docket number recorded as well as freight charges for the delivery. Multiple PO's can be received on the one delivery. This allows the user accurate reporting on the value of goods received and not invoiced.      

Open PO Report

Clearly detail all open purchase orders. Includes every line item.    

M1 Purchasing Management is available from ECi Solutions .

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