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M1 Order Management software will reduce the time it takes to get jobs to the shop floor

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M1 Order Management software provides a fast, efficient method of booking sales orders as soon as users receive them. Every order can include a combination of make-to-order and pull from-stock quantities.

Integration with the Job Management module allows users to immediately create jobs for make-to-order items. The provision of bill-of-materials access within Order Management enables users to properly manage job requirements.

Improve on-time delivery performance by managing sales orders and jobs through the Order Management module. View multiple orders at once to plan production demands more efficiently. E-mail order acknowledgements directly to customers.

Rapid Master File Entry
Create master files on the fly. Access to all master files relating to sales orders during order entry allows users to add new files without exiting the current function. Short-cuts to these files saves users valuable time during data entry.

Multiple Order Management
Improve production planning efficiency by working on multiple sales orders at once.

Send To..
Fax or e-mail order acknowledgements directly to customers. No need to print these documents any more.

Order Explorer
Track all details and transactions relating to a specific order, such as jobs, shipments and invoices.

Order Activity Graph
Use this visual overview to analyze the orders created over a period of time. Choose from a range of buckets; compare to last years result; drill into a period to access more details.

Job/Order Line Link
Quickly and accurately create a job for each order line, or link the order line to an existing job.

Multiple Releases
Manage customers' blanket orders by creating multiple releases for order details.

Part Allocation
Automatic allocation of inventory items when sales orders are entered or jobs created. Allocations are updated as shipments are processed or materials are issued to the jobs.

Have resellers linked to orders including the ability to calculate commissions.

Finance Companies
M1 supports the ability for payment by finance companies for customers orders.

Backorders are automatically created when partially completed orders are shipped. Order BacklogIncludes details of all partially completed or overdue sales orders within specified date range. Booked OrdersIncludes details of all sales orders created for a specified date range.    

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