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M1 Inventory Management will provide better stock control capabilities

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M1 Inventory Management from ECi Solutions provides the mechanism to control raw materials, finished goods and sub-assemblies. Extensive master file information allows detailed recording of the part's description and properties. Integration with Order Management, Job Management and Purchasing Management ensures accurate stock records through automatic allocations, stock receipts and issues. M1 Inventory Management allows users to obtain accurate stock valuations when they need them.      

Rapid Master File Entry

Create master files on the fly. Access to all master files relating to parts during part/method entry allows the user to add new files without exiting the current function. Short-cuts to these files save the user valuable time during data entry.  

Part Master File

Provision of a 30 character alpha-numeric part ID and unlimited description allows for more meaningful identification of the user’s parts. Assign product groups and inventory classes to parts for improved reporting.  

Costing Methods

Track standard, average and last costs for all parts.  

Issue to Jobs

Materials can be purchased directly to the job, backflushed, issued individually or issued on a mass scale.  

Conversion Factor

Maintain different inventory and purchasing units of measure by using the conversion factor.  

Method of Manufacturing

Quickly and accurately create a method of manufacturing for any manufactured part. Include assemblies, raw materials, operations and subcontract operations.  

Physical Inventory

M1 allows the user to carryout cycle counting and a complete step-by-step checklist is also available for stock takes. Produce count sheets and variance reports for the user’s ABC classes of inventory when required.      

Part Listing

An accurate stock valuation report including on-hand quantities.  

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