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M1 ERP software meets Schiffer’s needs

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Melbourne's Schiffer Manufacturing, a manufacturer of cupboard door and bench top products, has installed ERP software from Bowen & Groves .

Schiffer manufactures a significant range of products including doors, panels and bench tops in MDF or natural timber, form press vinyl, or aluminium in a large range profiles, edge and pattern or paint finishes as well as an enormous diversity of sizes.

Schiffer Manufacturing commercial manager Brett Mitchell said that the sheer diversity represented a difficult range of products to manage, particularly when manufacturing volume has doubled over a two year period.

"We came to the conclusion we desperately needed a production system to match our current needs and our future growth.” Mitchell said

"For instance we operated three manual input systems for quoting, job entry into our optimiser software for production and then for invoicing our clients.”

"We sought an ERP software program which would enable us to improve our efficiency by overcoming multiple manual entry tasks, reducing the scope for errors, enhance our management decisions and in turn meet our forward growth expectations." Mitchell said.

The outcome was the installation of the ERP software, M1 by B & G from Bowen & Groves.

"We were immediately impressed by its capacity and the ability to readily customise M1 to our specific needs” Brett said.

"Now we only key in data once prior to exporting the data to our optimiser software which both minimises data entry errors, save us time and ensures maximum yield from our raw materials.”

"We have also recreated all our spreadsheet reports in M1 and have been able to customise all reports to suit both our own internal needs and those of our clients.”

Schiffer also uses the system to warn them when they need to add to their purchasing and helps them to keep track of their inventory.

"We will shortly commission the scheduling module which should further enhance our factory efficiency” Brett said.

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