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M1 Job Management, available from ECi Solutions , allows better management of production jobs. Raw material demands are automatically updated with the job. Job costs are automatically updated with every job transaction. Obtain accurate and immediate job costing reports which compare estimated costs to actual costs. Identify production inconsistencies before they create problems on the shop floor.

Take control of manufacturing processes with M1 Job Management.Rapid Master File Entry. Create master files on the fly. Access to all master files relating to jobs during job entry allows the user to add new files without exiting the current function. Short-cuts to these files saves valuable time during data entry.

Features of Job Managment:

Multi-level BOMS
Multi-level bills-of-materials allow the user to manage complex production jobs. The indented view of all levels simplifies the job planning process. Fine-tune the methods for any job during the planning stage.

Job Wizard
Create and update multiple jobs according to selected criteria on the one screen.

Actuals vs. Estimates
Compare estimated job costs to the actuals costs as the jobs progress. Identify any potential problems before they become real problems.

Order Linking
Link one job to one order, one job to multiple orders or make to stock. These combinations improve production economics and plant utilization.

Change Job Work Centres

Move one or more job operations from one work centre to another. Particularly useful in the case of a machine breakdown.

Quality Control
Report on scrap, rework and added operations for each job, including reasons for improved analysis.

Job Status
Keep track of the various stages of each job, including planned, scheduled, released, hold and production completed. A progress bar also provides visual representation of the status of the job.

Stocked Sub Assemblies
Sub assemblies for a job can either be manufactured, pulled from stock or a combination of manufactured and pull from stock. Additional sub assemblies can be manufactured on a job to replenish inventory or meet an economical build quantity.

Document Links
Attach documents such as drawings, work instructions, testing criteria, etc to the job header, assembly and operation levels.

The Job Management system also features a series of reports that can be accessed to measure differing aspects of the business. These include:

Job Analysis Report
Print this report for any job at any time during production to analyse up-to-date costing information.

Work in Progress Report
Immediately report on the value of the WIP.

Job Traveller
Stylise an own traveller to suit your specific requirements.

Gross Margin Report
View the gross margins for jobs by value and percentage.

Overhead Recovery Report
This report compares the estimated machine hours against the actual hours, then calculates the cost recovery.

Print related Documents
When printing the job traveller select the checkbox and the user has the ability to print all related documents such as drawings, procedures, quality documentation.

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