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ERP program wins support of Subaru dealership

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article image Hamilton, Vic Subaru dealership Cooper Automobiles has won a wealth of Dealer Awards over recent years. Principal Neville Cooper says that the M 1 by B & G ERP software has given him the flexibility and modules to run a complete business platform

According to Bowen and Groves , Hamilton, Victoria based Cooper Automobiles is the Subaru dealership servicing a wide area of south west Victoria.

The family business headed by Neville Cooper has won a string of Subaru Country Dealer of the Year Awards which is a tribute to the professionalism of the dealership.

With the business growing quite rapidly Neville Cooper set out to find a personal computer based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software program which would service not only the growth path of his business, but the diversity of requirements from sales and service to repairs and the purchasing of a wide range of consumables, as well as all accounting and financial management needs.

"My enquiries led us to a number of standard ERP program suppliers all of whom seemed to suggest that if our business needs didn't fit the operating parameters of their software then it was our problem not theirs.

"Financially we had also outgrown our conventional accounting package, so finding a software program which suited all aspects of our dealership and was flexible enough to meet our specific requirements was important.

"I mentioned my needs to the management of another local Hamilton based manufacturing company which uses the M1 by B & G ERP software package and they encouraged me to see what the software system vendor Bowen & Groves could do for us.

"After making enquiries Bowen & Groves convinced me that their M1 ERP platform offered a range of modules which would be user friendly, comprehensive in scope and capable of growing with us as a business.

"They were also able to demonstrate that their ERP package could easily interface with the business system base of our principal supplier Subaru.

"Consequently we decided that M1 by B & G met our requirements and we had three of our staff trained in the program applications.

"We were surprised how quickly we could effect the changeover from our old computer system, plus we have excellent on line and personal back up support from Bowen & Groves, notwithstanding that their head office is over 300kms away in Melbourne."

The M 1 by B & G ERP program now has in excess of 450 users largely in manufacturing industry in Australia and overseas.

Chief Operating Officer Aleta Groves says that installing the ERP program at Cooper Automobiles was a different user application for M1.

"While there are many business similarities between a manufacturing business and an automotive dealership, we regard our M1 installation at Cooper Automobiles as demonstration of the flexibility of our software.

'The fact that it has worked so well for Neville Cooper and his company gives us sense of satisfaction and maintains our belief that there are far wider applications for M1 by B & G than just traditional manufacturing businesses."

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