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Canadians say ‘oui’ to ERP package

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M1 by Bowen & Groves , the Australian developed ERP package, is acquiring a new international dimension.

Following the first installed sites achieved in Canada by B&G Systems Canada, a demand has been created for the availability of the M1 software package in the French language.

Aleta Kane, Bowen & Groves’ COO, said that an agreement has now been reached between B&G Systems Canada, as the Canadian distributor for M1, and the Centre de Productique Integree du Quebec for the French language delivery and support as well as translation of the M1 forms to suit users in the Province of Quebec.

The Centre is the technology transfer arm of the College du Sherbrooke which is recognised by the Quebec Ministry of Education.

"The Centre carries out applied research, technology transfer and initiates and realises technological innovation, as well as training personnel for industry. It will utilise M1 in its ERP curriculum studies by agreement with B&G Systems Canada, with all their students being able to experience a full ERP training system each semester," Kane said.

"We see the French language feature as being important to our expansion of the M1 user base into the European market, especially countries where French is dominant or preferred for business communication," she said.

One of the new users in Canada is Toronto-based Pack-Smart, a manufacturer of innovative packaging machinery. The company specifically builds high-speed pick and place machines, able to accurately insert small products, including compact disks, coins and pharmaceuticals, into direct mailing packages, magazines and fulfillment shippers, at rates up to 420 items a minute.

B&G Systems Canada's President, Fred Gurney says he sees significant applications potential for M1 in the Canadian manufacturing sector.

"News of the rapid adoption and acceptance of M1 around the world is increasingly being recognised in Canada by our local manufacturing sector, which has many similarities with other international markets where the M1 ERP package has achieved a strong user base," Gurney said.

The current Version 3.5 of M1 developed for a Microsoft SQL server with a Microsoft Outlook look and feel runs on all Windows platforms and incorporates hundred of additional enhancements to various modules.

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