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Introducing the Hydrolab Minisonde

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ENGINEERED for dependable performance and durability in the field, the Hydrolab Minisonde 5 (MS5) offers a compact and lightweight multiprobe design for either profiling or unattended long term monitoring. Hydrolab Minisonde 5 units are available for purchase or hire at ECO Environmental Pty Ltd.

With a diameter of only 45mm (1.75") the MS5 is perfect for the monitoring of 50mm (2") environmental monitoring wells. The optional built in memory allows the MS5 to be left unattended for long periods, saving time and money in the field.

Packed full of features, the MS5 can measure up to ten parameters simultaneously such as pH, Electrical Conductivity (EC), Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Redox (ORP), Temperature, Depth and Turbidity.

The MS5 will also allow for a range of extended features such as LDO optical sensor technology, Chlorophyll a, Total Dissolved Gas, Blue-Green Algae and Rhodamine WT.

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