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B&K2260 Observer sound level meter

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The B&K2260 Observer, brought to you by ECO  is a state-of-the-art sound level meter and sound analyser. This hand-held instrument is capable of doing all the measurements and analyses that are typically used when assessing community noise and noise at the work place.

The B&K2260 Observer complies with the new sound level meter standard IEC 61672 as well as the previous IEC standards (60651 and 60804) and the latest ANSI standards. All broadband parameters and statistical values are measured in parallel and all parameters are there - you just choose what you want to examine now or later. On top of that, real-time analysis in 1/1- or 1/3-octave bands is carried out simultaneously. Broadband and spectral data can all be logged to obtain a time history (profile) for later analyses.

The above features are all standard. As an option you can add measurements of reverberation time. By using this option acceptance test of rooms, noise reduction in workplaces and similar tasks can be carried out conveniently. Reverberation time can be measured using impulsive noise (for example using a start pistol), or you can use the built-in generator and a sound source. The B&K2260 Observer can be upgraded to include the full range of advanced applications from the B&K2260 Investigator portfolio, for example, sound intensity, two-channel building acoustics, and FFT analysis.

Features & Benefits:

  •  IEC and ANSI Type 1 sound level meter. 
  •  Real-time octave and 1/3-octave band analyses. 
  •  Multi-language (GB, D, F, I, E, CZ) user interface with context-sensitive, on-line help. 
  •  Broadband statistics. 
  •  Optional measurements of reverberation time. Applications
  •  Comprehensive sound measurement. 
  •  Detailed octave and 1/3-octave band analyses. 
  •  Appraisal of noise reduction efforts. 
  •  Gathering field-data for further analyses. 
  •  Research and development.

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