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B&K2260 Investigator sound level meter

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Generous hardware and software specifications make the B&K2260, available from ECO Environmental ,  an extremely flexible instrument that can cover all your sound analysis needs both now and in the future.

By simply loading different software applications, you can easily change its functionality. The large internal disk has space for several applications and a wealth of measurement data at the same time. Icon-labelled pushbutton keys, menu-driven operation and multilingual context-sensitive help make it easy to use. The B&K2260 Investigator is always shipped with Basic Sound Analysis Software (BZ7210), with which the analyser becomes a Type 1 sound level meter with real-time 1/1- and 1/3-octave frequency analysis and broadband statistical distributions.For storage, overview and post-processing, the data can be transferred to a PC using the Noise Explorer or Evaluator software where data can be displayed graphically or as tables.

Features & Benefits:

  • IEC and ANSI Type 1 sound level meter. 
  •  Real-time octave and 1/3-octave band analyses. 
  •  Multi-language (GB, D, F, I, E, CZ) user interface with context-sensitive, on-line help. 
  •  Broadband statistics. Applications
  •  Comprehensive sound measurement.
  •  Detailed octave and 1/3-octave band analyses. 
  •  Appraisal of noise reduction efforts. 
  •  Gathering field-data for further analyses. 
  •  Research and development.    

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