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B&K2240 Sound Level Meter

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The B&K2240 Sound Level Meter, now available from ECO Environmental ,  is a very simple to use sound level meter which complies with all the latest sound level meter standards. The B&K2240 has an extremely easy to use interface for quick and simple measurements. Accurate, reliable and affordable, the B&K2240 measures time-averaged sound level as defined by the IEC 616721 Class 1 standard, and complies with IEC 60651 Type 1, and IEC 60804 Type 1 standards as well as ANSI S1.4 and S1.43.

As an integrating, averaging sound level meter, the B&K2240 measures the equivalent, or average, sound pressure level as well as simultaneously measuring instantaneous, maximum and peak sound pressure levels. The B&K2240 is designed to make life easy. Operation of the instrument cannot be simpler – just point and measure. All parameters are measured simultaneously and no setup necessary. With three pushbuttons you control everything and the front panels sliding cover reveals a quick guide to all functions. The power and calibration switches are found on the side panel.As soon as you are ready to begin, you simply press start. You choose your sound level range and make your measurement. LA, LAeq, LAMax., Lcpeak are all measured simultaneously and you can toggle between the different sound level readings during and after measurements.

Features & Benefits:

  •  Easy to use three button sound level meter. 
  •  L Aeq , L AFmax , L Cpeak and L AF measured simultaneously. 
  •  Class 1 precision. 
  •  Complies with IEC and ANSI standards. Applications
  •  Assessment of environmental noise levels. 
  •  Measurement of noise in the workplace. 
  •  General purpose sound pressure level measurements, for example, to check PA systems or household installations .  

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