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B&K2238 Mediator Sound Level Meter

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The B&K2238 Mediator Sound Level Meter, brought to you by ECO Environmental ,  delivers A- and C-weighted RMS levels, periodic reports, statistical distributions – in short, every broadband parameter needed.

During attended measurements, Mediator's back-erase function lets you delete unwanted samples with a few quick keystrokes. And when logging, you can use the multiple marking function to highlight various kinds of noise and events in your files. Unattended measurements are supported by an outdoor microphone kit and a complete set of outdoor gear for collecting data in any kind of weather. You can log multiple user-selectable parameters simultaneously, in addition to two external DC signals.

The results are stored in Mediator's 2 Mbytes of memory in files of freely variable size. Mediator also features input/output triggering for co-ordinating measurements with external events. After measurement, the optional 7820 Evaluator™ PC software provides important tools for working with noise profiles. Calculating rating levels and other parameters, the software allows efficient evaluation of noise regulation compliance.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Displays A- and C-weighted RMS levels, periodic reports, statistical distributions. 
  •  Outdoor microphone kit and equipment available. Applications
  •  Evaluation of environmental noise. 
  •  Measurements of noise at workplaces. 
  •  Assessment of product noise.

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