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AreaRAE Five Gas Sensor

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The AreaRAE is a one-to-five sensor gas detector equipped with a wireless, now available from ECO Environmental , and has an RF (radio frequency) modem which allows the unit to communicate and transmit readings and other information on a real-time basis with a base controller located up to 3.2 kilometres (2 miles) away.

The standard ProRAE Remote software used to control AreaRAE systems is capable of monitoring the input of up to 32 remotely located monitors. In stand alone operation, the AreaRAE is a rugged, weatherproof, one-to-five sensor portable monitor that can run over 24-hours on either rechargeable Lithium-ion or alkaline batteries. It is also the first “lunchbox” type multisensor instrument able to include a photoionization detector (PID) for parts-per-million measurement of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), as well as LEL, O2, and up to two electrochemical toxic sensors for measurement of specific toxic substances such as CO and H2S. AreaRAE is also available with a global positioning satellite (GPS) option which includes the ability to track and display readings from up to 32 remotely located detectors on a GPS map.

Features & Benefits:

  •  Real-time wireless data transmission with built-in RF transceiver.
  • View real-time sensor data and alarm status at headquarters or command centre. 
  •  ProRAE Remote software simultaneously controls and displays readings for up to 32 remote monitors.
  • License-free, ISM band RF transmission with a communication range of up to 2 miles. 
  •  Toxic sensor socket accepts CO, H2S, SO2, NO, NO2, Cl2, HCN, NH3, or PH3 sensors. 
  •  24 hours continuous operation with a built-in Li-ion battery. 
  •  24x7 continuous operation when plugged into wall charger. 
  •  Interchangeable Li-ion or alkaline battery pack. 
  •  Data is easily downloaded with ProRAE Suite software. 
  •  Large digital display & keypad. Applications
  •  HazMat and Emergency Response. 
  •  Refineries and Petrochemical Plants. 
  •  Confined Space Entry. 
  •  Power Plants. 
  •  Pulp and Paper Industry. 
  •  Plant and Mill Turnarounds.

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