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Temperature instruments with anti-microbial protection

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COMARK, represented in Australia by ECEFast , has added BioCote antimicrobial agent to some of its electronic thermometers and data loggers. This provides an extra level of defence against the spread of potentially harmful organisms via cross contamination.

The antimicrobial agent is impregnated into the plastic used for instrument cases and selected probe handles during the moulding process. It is also applied to the surfaces of labels and keypads. It is present at a specified level throughout the case material and cannot rub off or be washed or leached out and is effective for the life of the product.

The antimicrobial protection works through the release of silver ions from the surface of the treated material. The silver ions that are concentrated at or near the surface, are absorbed by micro-organisms and interrupt their critical functions, including reproduction.

The anti-microbial protection is becoming increasingly accepted as part of HACCP, due diligence and health and safety procedures. It provides an effective means of reducing cross contamination in the continuing fight against infectious agents.

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