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Raytek MI3 Compact Infrared Temperature Transmitters from ECEFast

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Raytek MI3, available from ECEFast is the third generation development of a line of high volume miniature infrared temperature transmitters featuring advanced functions and built for use in harsh environments.  

One of the most technically advanced temperature solutions with high specifications, superior signal processing and measurement functions, these compact infrared temperature systems focus on interconnection with existing control systems.  

The system base unit of the infrared temperature transmitters features display and programming buttons accessible from the outside and alternative versions for connection of 4 or up to 8 heads to one base unit.  

A development kit has been released for OEM applications wherein one can connect the new digital head directly to a PLC running suitable code, reducing the cost of installation by more than 50%.  

Temperature ranges have been extended to 1650ºC, response times are down to 20 ms and Close Focus optics has been added for small targets. These features extend the use of the MI3 infrared temperature transmitters dramatically.  

Additionally, all versions have adjustments for emissivity, window transmissivity, background temperature (Tamb) and signal processing such as average, peak and valley hold, while delivering 1% measurement accuracy in ambient temperatures to 120ºC.  

Options exist for process control using a PLC where emissivity and Tamb can be set during a process, and process temperatures as well as head temperatures can be measured. Multiple input systems connect to the control system using RS485.  

Full mounting hardware, windows, air purge, brackets and cooling housings will allow the MI3 infrared temperature transmitters to be used in many harsh environments.

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