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RK series of position sensors available from ECEFast

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In many cases it is desirable to mount hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders with a yoke, since it allows the geometry to be simple and effective.

However, most magnetostrictive position sensors have a bulky head containing the electronics package and this makes it impossible to mount in that type of cylinder.

Recognising this, Gefran has developed the RK series of position sensors with a remote electronics package, and a head which is small enough to be contained within the cylinder – with a yoke.

In the 350 bar rated version the head is only 30mm diameter and 36mm long on a 10mm diameter rod. The stroke can be from 50 to 4000mm.

Recognising that there may be a need to assemble and calibrate systems in the field, Gefran has introduced a new concept – calibration with a magnetic pen.

Using this system, calibration mode can be selected, zero and span set, and the calibration stored without opening the electronics enclosure, each input being effected using a small magnet.

Output types include analogue, start/stop digital and CANBUS, and the cable from the sensor to the electronics can be up to 50m long. Pressures of 350 bar standard and 700 bar are available as an option for continuous exposure with peaks to 500 and 1000bar respectively.

RK series of position sensors are available from ECEFast.

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