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Programmable meter controller and macros

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TEXMATE, represented by ECEFast , has developed the Tiger 320 programmable meter controller (PMC) for the low volume OEM machinery market.

The Tiger 320 series has been designed to incorporate the analogue and digital functionality of an intelligent controller with the logic of a PLC.

The operating system of the Tiger 320 controls all the in-built functions, handling the multi-channel input options, scaling, averaging, linearisation, totalisation, status inputs and logic control. It also drives the display, multi-function timers and relays, analogue and serial outputs.

Once configured, functions are executed by the operating system and form the basis of a control system with a range of serial communication interface options.

The Tiger 320 controller has in-built functions that can be tailored to a range of industry applications.

The controller is a modular unit, combining pre-programmed software with input and output hardware options in one package. The use of external add-on components is often not necessary allowing you to build an economic, stand-alone controller for your specific application.

For many control applications the controller can be configured directly through a set of front panel menus, or a PC, using Texmate's Windows- based configuration software program.

Texmate uses what it calls a macro to form its automation and control system. A macro is a small program that can be custom written for applications and used to initiate a sequence, reconfigure, or disable some of the controller functions. Along with add-on modules, a macro expands the Tiger 320 operating system with additional status inputs and switched outputs.

Macro control is suitable for OEM applications that require analogue, digital, and timer functions with mathematical and enhanced logic operations.

The macro concept has significant cost benefits for large or small, sophisticated applications that require some degree of programmable logic control with display and front panel control. Standard macros have been developed.

The operator interface is easy to use. It has instructive text messaging and a simple front panel control with minimum operator input where required.

This system has been applied to many industrial applications where a PLC, a meter, and a number of transducers was required. Replacing the PLC and meter with a Tiger 320 controller produced a faster and more reliable control system at a lower cost than could be achieved with traditional controlling methods.

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