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New infra red line scanner available from ECEFast

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article image MP50 infra red line scanner

A line scanner measures temperatures along a line, and transmits discrete temperatures for every point, to a PC. This process is repeated up to 40 lines per second and the data can be combined to generate thermal images, provided the target is moving relative to the scanner.

Raytek has sold more line scanners in the last year, by far, than any other manufacturer. Primarily because they sell the scanner systems with one of a series of special application software packages which make it easy to integrate into machine monitoring and control systems.

The MP50 scanner available from ECEFast measures temperatures from 20 to 1200C in different models, including special measuring wavelengths for different plastics, glass and metals.

The head, as pictured, incorporates a hard window with integral air purge, and a water cooled housing.

Special high temperature enclosures for up to 1000C and environmental enclosures for out doors in extreme climates, demonstrate that a wide range of associated hardware is readily available.

Mounting into many processes is straightforward and it is quite feasible to retrofit to existing machines.

Software systems include:

  • CS200 for rotary kiln shell monitoring – e.g. for cement or lime kilns
  • TF100 for plastic thermoforming machines
  • EC 100 for extrusion, laminating and calendaring processes
  • GS100/110 for glass tempering, bending and laminating – GS110 system for low emissivity coated glass
  • TIP450 for plasterboard moisture content monitoring and dryer control
  • Machine builders can integrate the data into control systems using OPC. Kits generally include power supply, cables, software and converters

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