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Lutron DW-6095 power analysers available from ECEFast

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ECEFast  introduces the Lutron DW-6095 power analysers designed for affordable power analysis of factory equipment.

ECEFast is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of industrial instrumentation and specialises in handheld industrial instruments for power analysis.   Power quality problems can prove expensive for manufacturing businesses.

Power can be lost through changes in power factor on different boards in the plant or different phases in a board. Manufacturing facilities can also suffer from very high tariff rates being applied based on short term peak loading.

Information gained through a plant-wide review using Lutron DW-6095 power analysers can guide manufacturing businesses in planning steps to reduce power consumption and increase overall efficiency.

Key features of Lutron DW-6095 power analysers:

  • Provides high functionality with up to 35 parameters to 600VAC and 1,200 amps or 3,000 amps with optional flexible current probes
  • Includes harmonics to 50th order and captures transient events such as dips, swells and outage
  • Data can be logged at intervals from 2 to 7200 seconds with 30,000 readings on a 2GB SD card
  • Comes as a complete kit with 3 current and 4 voltage probes in a carry bag ready for use
  • Optional flexible current probes (CP-3000) for 30, 300, and 3000 amp also available to connect directly

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