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Lutron DT2236 Digital Tachometers available from ECEFast

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Lutron DT2236 Digital Tachometers are available from ECEFast . They feature accuracy of 0.05% and have a speed wheel for m/sec and ft/sec.

These are actually combined photo/contact tachometers. They have a range of 0.5 - 100,000 RPM and come with a carry case.

Lutron DT2236 digital tachometers also include a unique reversing 5 digit display and a function to recall last value, maximum and minimum.

Further features of Lutron DT2236 digital tachometers:

  • Light source is IR LED for use at close range - for long range use DT 1236L laser version
  • Using an exclusive one chip LSI circuit, the DT2236 measures linear velocity in m/min, ft/min, as well as RPM from 0.5 to 100,000.
  • The instrument auto ranges to give resolution up to 0.01 m/min & 0.1 RPM.

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