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Gefran Geflex 4 loop Modular Power Controllers

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Gefran has an extensive range of power switching devices which are now available from ECEFast . These include phase angle power controllers, and controllers. In the Geflex series of products, they have combined the two in a unique control solution.

Geflex GFX-4 is a 4 channel, rail mount, power switching device for up to 80KW at 480V with inbuilt PID control and network communications. Incorporated CTs on each loop, and internal diagnostics provide Heater Break alarm [heater does not respond to power] and Loop Break alarm [ input sensor signal out of specification].

This unit is an extension of the single channel Geflex power controllers. The concept is to reduce wiring in multizone heating applications for power and control. The input is universal for temperature sensors of process signals. The entire power management and control system is prewired, and requires only sensor, the main power input, output to the elements and bus wiring back to the supervisory PLC or control system.

Where the power switching function is not required, there is a 4 loop DIN rail controller only - GFXTERM04 with the described functions, but only digital control signal outputs, in place of power switching. This module is only 25mm wide on the rail.

PID control with advanced self tuning algorithms is handled locally, reducing demand on the central system and assuring a preset action in event of communications failure. Each loop can be programmed using a portable programmer, a PC or via the Industrial PC or PLC.

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