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Flexible pc control and monitoring solutions from ECEFast

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ECEFast  provide RampX a Windows programme developed initially to allow the definition of temperature profile programmes, govern their execution, and log the results of multiple individual PID controllers. These would be connected by RS485 with Modbus protocol.

Since it was initially developed, the programme has been extended to include alarm logging and custom reporting functions, as well as connectivity to most industrial devices with serial outputs. A typical system will run on a dedicated PC connected to one or several networks, either directly or through the internet.

The networks will consist of input modules, controllers or transmitters with a common bus system such as RS485 or Ethernet. Because of the huge variety of input devices available, almost any physical process can be monitored or controlled and because the software can be customized, the final system can be the operator to use.

Inputs can be represented graphically and data is stored in standard structures such as Excel, for later analysis. RampX is a better, cost effective solution for SCADA, where process visualisation [MIMICS] is not required. Applications include cool room monitoring, fish farm monitoring, and machine efficiency monitoring, as well as furnace ramp control and quality assurance.

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