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ECEFast introduces Eurotherm nanodac controller/recorder

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ECEFast  introduces Invensys Eurotherm’s nanodac recorder/controller designed to bring together video recording and PID control in a single unit.

The compact nanodac device featuring high-quality full-colour display brings recording and control together, effectively combining control capabilities as well as signal acquisition, display and recording functions within the same box.

Designed by Invensys Eurotherm, the nanodac controller/recorder offers several benefits to industrial equipment manufacturers including a compact size and unified design. Its front panel of 96mm x 96mm (1/4 DIN) and depth of 90mm meets the demands of equipment manufacturers who seek compact hardware to reduce the size of their cabinets or machines.

The single unified design also reduces engineering and integration costs with only one product to be installed and one wiring diagram to be drawn up. Stock control and maintenance is also simplified since the nanodac device is not available in numerous models or with optional features.

Available in a recorder version and a recorder/controller version, users can buy the recorder unit and add the control functionality at a later stage.

The Eurotherm nanodac controller/recorder features four universal input channels including thermocouple, resistance temperature detector, current and voltage. It is also possible to process the data beyond the four input values and carry out calculations in various ways to obtain 14 virtual channels.

The user chooses the specific values to display as well as their format: trend lines running horizontally or vertically, horizontal or vertical bar graphs, numerical values, alarm statuses and control loops. This allows the user to monitor trends in a group of six chosen variables on the 3.5” TFT colour display screen.

Key features of Eurotherm nanodac controller/recorder:

  • Two independent control loops (on/off, PID or PV)
  • Four universal input channels (thermocouple, resistance temperature detector, current and voltage)
  • Input signals sampled at 16 bits per sample and recorded in parallel at a maximum interval of 125 ms
  • Input accuracy better than 0.1% of the measurement taken
  • 3.5” TFT colour display with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels offers excellent display quality

Eurotherm nanodac controller/recorder was recently announced as the ‘Les Mesures’ Technology Award winner.

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