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Configured device for thermal control

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article image The KS40-1 burner controller.

PRECISE and cost-effective control of burners is provided by a new controller from the BluePort range supplied by PMA, whereby modulating or sequential operation of conventional industrial burners is possible.

Control can be switched from simple on/off control of sequential burners to motorised control of modulating burners, thus allowing the optimum use of different fuels.

For example, two burners can be operated in parallel, whereby controller B for burner 2 is used as a positioner that follows the output signal of controller A for burner 1. In addition, controller A can use either temperature or pressure as the process variable.

With this new controller, available from ECEFast , PMA offers a ready-configured universal device for a demanding thermal application.

The solution is suitable for numerous branches of industry and replaces previously used special mechanical or electronic equipment, in addition to the advantages of simple operation, greatly improved control quality, and reliable operation.

With a PC or laptop and PMA's BlueControl engineering tool, process values can be read out very easily via the unit's front BluePort interface, and all parameters are accessible for display and storage in plain text.

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